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MC-2000 Counting Scale30 day terms & conditions

PWB Discount Price

If you own a cash register you need the MC-2000 counting scale!  Hundreds of man hours are wasted every year balancing out registers.  Common human counting errors also result in incorrect totals.  Why do small businesses need an MC-2000?  See the labor cost savings.

Cash Regisiter The new AND MC-2000 counting scale balances count most registers in under two minutes with perfect accuracy!  The scale weighs all U.S. coins and bills (including rolls of coins), and on-screen instructions walk the operator through the counting process.  What about inconsistencies in the weight of money, and future currency?

Your MC-2000 counting scale also weighs in grams and ounces for standard weighing applications.  Also use it to count raffle tickets, plastic parts, or just about any type of item.  Comes complete with AC adapter, coin scoop, and operation manual.  Covered by a two year manufacturer warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee!

Expand the MC-2000's versatility the optional AD-1191 tape printer.  Serial output allows you to add the optional printer (AD-1191) for real-time receipts.  Maintain records by creating and audit trail using the AD-1191 and it's time and date capability.

Are you weighing a large volume of coins?  Maybe you own a vending machine company or your a car wash operator and typically weigh a large amounts of quarters.  A&D offers the MC-5000, a ten pound capacity version, specifically for customers weighing out larger amounts of quarters.

Take The 5 Step Cash Drawer Count Tutorial!
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See Just How Easy It Is For Yourself!


AND Model MC-2000 Counting Scale Specifications
Capacity (kg)
2205g x 0.2g
Capacity (oz)
80oz x 0.01oz
Accumulator Capacity (oz)
$9,999.99 (US)
See Accuracy Statement
Over Capacity Annunciation
102% of Full Scale Capacity
Housing & Platter -> Gray ABS
Feet -> Non-skid Hard Rubber
6 Character, 7-Segment LCD, 9 Annunciators
8-Key Tactile Switch Type
Power Source
AC Adapter, 9 VDC, 500mA (Included)
Batteries: 6 AA alkaline (not included)
4.0 lb (1.8 kg)/5.6 lb (2.5 kg)
Platter Dimensions
5.70 in (145mm) x 7.87 in (200mm)
Overall Dimensions
8.47 in (215mm) x 8.46 in (215mm) x 2.84 in (72mm)
RS-232C 9-Pin Serial Printer Output
Included Accessories
AC Adapter, Coin Scoop
Optional Accessories
AND Model AD-1191 Printer
For Vending Operations see the MC-5000 - The MC-5000 offers a higher capacity (appx. 10 lb.) version specifically designed for vending operations requiring continuous count of quarters.  The MC-5000 contains the same operation features of the MC-2000, but automatically defaults to the quarter mode, allowing quick, accurate count of up to 800 quarters with each weighment.


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