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SECA Models: 
700 Physician Beam Scale
334 Professional Infant Scale
345 Home Use Baby Scale
725 Mechanical Baby Scale
727 Pro Clinical Baby Scale
728 Baby Scale w/RS-232
736 Lactation Baby Scale
780 Waist-High w/Wheels
786 Waist-High Mechanical
770 Heavy-Duty Floor Scale
880 Digital Personal Scale
881 Digital Personal Scale
882 Digital Scale w/BMI
954 Digital Chair Scale
664 Wheelchair Scale
664-C Wheelchair Scale
644 High Cap Handrail Scale
984 Bed/Hospital Scale

Questions about SECA: 
Are We SECA?
How Can I Contact SECA?
Warranty Issues
How Can I Buy Parts?
Can I Purchase Accessories Alone?

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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Are We SECA?
A) No, Precision Weighing Balances (PWB) is not SECA.  We are an Authorized Seca Dealer and this site is owned and operated by Precision Weighing Balances and not sponsored by Seca Corporation.  Seca's company web site is located at  Precision Weighing Balances offers the full line of medical scales here.  Any warranty inquiries or similar questions must be directed to the manufacturer (see below).

Q)Who is SECA and how long have they been building scales?
A) Quintenz, a Strasbourg monk and clever mechanic, invented the decimal scale in 1821 and then shared his know-how with A.C.C. Joachims, a Hamburg (Germany) locksmith.  In 1840, Joachims founded the scale factory that gave rise to the SECA name.  Seca stressed "precision" from its inception.  In the first half of this century, Seca's precise mechanical scales, bearing the characteristic seca logo, became standard fixture in virtually all doctor's offices.  This trend was in line with medical science's growing interest in body weight as it relates to human health and development.

About thirty years ago, Seca entered the young electronic age.  Since then, electronics have considerably extended the Seca product range.  Seca views the doctor and his or her assistants as their partners, and Seca considers their products to be an answer to their requirements in the area of weighing and measuring.  That is how Seca came to develop the first weighing systems which document weight changes and trends, permit long-term measurements and provide digital weight readings.  Such systems can save lives - for example, lives of premature babies, burn victims and dialysis patients.  As Seca approach the next millennium, Seca motto is "user-friendly solutions", a reference to their close cooperation with doctors and scientists.  "Medical weighing and measuring" plays an important role in diagnoses and therapy, and Seca
plans to put the full potential of new technologies at the doctor's service.

Q) Warranty inquiries?
Any warranty inquiries or similar questions must be directed to the manufacturer - Seca Corporation. (see below).

Q) How Can I Contact Seca Corporation directly?
A) You can contact Seca Corporation at the following:

Customer Service: (410) 694-9330 / 800-542-7322
Customer Service FAX: (410) 694-9680

Seca Corporation
1352 Charwood Road Suite E
Hanover, MD 21076

Q) How Can I Buy Parts For SECA Product?
A) Precision Weighing Balances does not stock or sell parts for any SECA products.  You may call the manufacturer directly using the contact information provided above.

Q) Can I Purchase Accessories Alone?
A) No, accessories for SECA scales can only be purchased along with the SECA scale.  We do not sell accessories by themselves with no other purchase

Q) Is this SECA's web site?
A) No, This site is owned and operated by Precision Weighing Balances and is not sponsored or affiliated with SECA Corporation.

Q) Do the balances come all assembled?
A) No, All of the balances require assembly.  Most are simply installing the post and screwing in 4 bolts then attaching a cable for the mechanical balances.  SECA
has engineered the assembly to be as simple as possible and provides toll free technical support at 800-542-732.  The balance comes with clearly defined assembly instructions and all the required hardware, even the wrench to tighten the bolts.  Under no circumstance can we dispatch a service technician to come to your home to assemble the scale.  The assembly and installation of the scale is the end users responsibility.

Q) I want to buy a SECA scale locally.  Where can I buy one?
A) Our best advice would be to look in your local yellow pages for a scale company or medical/hospital supply company.  All prices listed on this web site are discounted so please don't expect a local scale company to honor our low, low prices

Q) How can I get my scale calibrated?
A) We recommend you look in your local yellow pages for a scale company.  Calibration is very easy to do, but we recommend that you bring the scale to a local scale company.  All unit sold by Precision Weighing Balances are factory calibrated and should provide you trouble free weighing for many, many years.