Deep Aluminum Moisture Pan fits Ohaus MB200 Moisture Balance.  This 5 inch diameter aluminum moisture pan could also be used in additional moisture determination processes using a drying oven verses a moisture balance.

These pans have no oil residue and no vinyl coating to create contamination problems.  The smooth bottom facilitates sample handling.  Crimped walls increase rigidity.  Moisture pan can withstand temperatures up to 1250 °F.
Aluminum Moisture Pan for Ohaus Balance
Part #
Quantity per case
1000 pcs
Top outer dimension
5" diameter
Top inner dimension
4 11/16" diameter
Bottom inner dimension
4 1/4" diameter
3/8" deep
Fluid capacity
Weight per dish
3.3 grams
no tab
Dimensions of shipping case
15 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 15"
Shipping Wgt per case
14 lb
Shown are two pennies for size comparison.  Notice the crimped sides and broad rim.
Shown from left to right are 3 popular moisture pans we offer.  04008, 36008, 26008.  The 36008 aluminum pan has crimped sides and a broad 1/4" rim for easy lift of the pan.