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Do you have a weighing application you would like to share with others?  Write an article in html or Microsoft Word format and e-mail it to us.  If you have a digital camera you can send along the images to help show people images of your weighing application.  We will post your article on our web site and include any additional web links related to your article even your e-mail address if you would like so other people can get in contact with you or you can stay anonymous.

Here are some articles:

New Image Weighing rubber bands for airplanes???

New Image Tangent 100 weigh the gold nuggets in french guiana between Brazil and Surinam

Hummingbirds and digital electronic scales???

Rockhound hobbyist to professional gemologist the Tanita 1210 is the ultimate carat scale.

Tanita 1144-110 help in the design of golf drivers that blast the ball 415 yard.

The Scientech SL-Series with optional data keyboard is the answer for counting small surface mount micro electronic components.

Kent Rianda at The Trout Fly in Mammoth Lakes, CA counts flies

David W. Davenport puts 4 mechanical scales up against his Mettler Analytical Balance

How do you tell the difference between Zinc and Copper Pennies?

Weight is sometimes crucial for numismatic & ancient coin research

Tanita 1475T Pocket Scale Perfect for Counting Carbs for Diabetics

A bit crazy, but to the avid Electric Football Player a scale is a MUST

Weighing Parrots to determine if your bird is ill

Little "stocking stuffer" holiday presents.  All my co-workers "opened them early" and were quite pleased with the LAPD weighing gizmo

The Importance of Weighing in Falconry

I finally found a scale to weigh my obese uncle

Building the Wizard - A Competition Hand Launch Glider

Weighing Food for the Ketogenic Diet.  A rigid diet is for the treatment of epileptic seizures


Below are some additional weighing applications people have told us about when purchasing a scale.  Come on, think about writing an article.  Our goal is to enable a person to relate to how purchasing a particular scale is perfect for the application and possibly network with someone that is using a scale for the same weighing application.  Maybe you're a soapmaker and you can share your soapmaking recipes.  Submit your images and file here .

Garment importer/manufacturer purchase the A&D EJ200 scale (210g x 0.01g) to determine the weight in grams per square meter of knit fabric.  Using a fabric sample cutter or scissors and cutting a piece of fabric 100 cm² (10cm x 10cm) and multiplying the weight displayed by 100 you can determine the weight in grams per square meter of knit fabric.  The paper industry performs similar quality control testing to determine the bond paper.

Weighing baby parrots and exotic birds .  Weight monitoring of baby exotic birds is critical since it is extremely hard to visually see weight loss.  A quality scale is the only method to really oversee your baby bird's health other than bringing your bird to the vet every time you think the bird might be sick.  Baby birds during the first few weeks are typically weighed on a scale with 0.1 gram accuracy.  Many professional breeders and veterinarians buy the MyWeigh i500.  Monitoring of weight loss in grown birds is also nice to determine if your bird could be sick.  Most people purchase the AND SK2000 or Myweigh KD7000 for this application.  The KD7000 digital scale offers less accuracy, but higher weighing capacity to meet the needs of full grown exotic birds.

Engine shops purchase Ohaus SP601 (600g x 0.1g) to weigh pistons and rods in rebuilding engines for race cars to motorcycle engines.  Many pistons for larger engines weigh over 600 grams so we offer the A&D EK1200i (1200g x 0.1g) or Myweigh i5500 (5500g x 0.1g.)  We also offer scales for the racing industry for chassis setup applications.  Since it is extremely crucial to have proper weight distribution for performance race cars to handle properly 4 WS-Series scales would be purchased, one for each wheel.  Front and rear wheel weights can quickly be determined by reading the weight displayed on each indicator .

Cub Scout troops purchase the MyWeigh i500 or CS200 for weighing their Pinewood Derby Cars .  The cars are limited to 5 ounces to compete most pinewood derby racers.

Pottery studios weigh out chemicals for mixing glazes and purchase either the Ohaus SC4010 or SC6010 while others opt for the Ohaus Model 750-00 (Triple Beam, g, ss plate) or Ohaus 720 with optional 707-00 attachment weight to provide greater weighing capacity while still achieving 0.1g accuracy.

Foliage Nurseries weigh powdered hormones and growth regulators and buy the AND EJ200.  They usually weighed out less than 10 grams at at time but need accuracy to 0.01 grams.  Some nurseries on a limited budget select the Deering 10 gram mechanical scale for this application.

B&W photographers are a dying breed since most photographers now take pictures in color and purchase premixed developing chemicals.  For those "old fashion" B&W professional photographers we sell the Myweigh i1200 for chemical formulation of their developer solutions to give them that perfect picture.

Breeding tropical fish - The A&D EJ300 fills the needs for breeding koi "japanese karp" in your back yard pond since the breeder requires a scale that will measure in the 10 milligram increments.  The scale is used to measure out a hormone drug that is needed to induce them to spawn in a place where their eggs can be collected and hatched to get more of a survival rate.  Other popular scales for tropical fish breeders include the Sartorius Entris323-1S (320g x 1mg) and Accura pocket mechanical scales for those on a limited budget.

Rocket Hobbyist - We have sold triple beam balances for weighing the various chemicals used to manufacture rocket fuel.  It is extremely critical that you get accurate measurements of these chemicals for functionality, performance and safety. 

Weighing air rifle pellets from 6.5 to 30.9 grains with accuracy 0.05 grains (standard electronic powder scale like the PACT, Lyman only offer 0.1 grains.) can be achieved with the Sartorius AY-123.

Wine Making - Weighing sulfites is critical in winemaker.  Depending upon just how large of a batch of wine your making we have the scale to meet your weighing needs.  Some people purchase the Sartorius Entris3202-1S (3200g x 0.01g) or even the Scientech SP-150 (0 -150g x 1mg).  It all depends upon the accuracy your recipes requires.  We have sold each or the models above to wine makers and wineries within the USA and as far away as Spain.

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